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Deposits and Securing your Date


You are required to pay a deposit of £50 to secure your occasion date in my diary for all wedding cakes. Please note this is a non refundable deposit and will be deducted from your final invoice.


The remaining balance needs to be received in full at least 7 days before the ocassion or wedding day. You can pay by BACs transfer, cash or cheque, all billing information can be found on your invoice.


Should we be unable to make your cake or cater your wedding i.e due to illness or other unforeseeable circumstance your deposit will be fully refundable as well as any other monies paid towards your event.


If you are interested in booking Ophelia Weddings and Events for your special day then please email myself (Charlie Buchan) on


The terms of contract will be on your deposit invoice. By paying the deposit you are agreeing to our terms of service. Only when we have received the £50 deposit will your date be reserved.


We shall amend your deposit invoice with your cake specifications once consultation has been finalised. We appreciate that some  customers like to add or alter the services they require from us so we can be flexible with the invoice and send it out after all options are included.



Transportation and Storage


Customers can collect their cake from us in Aylsham or Norwich for free. They are made to be pretty sturdy and well dowelled but are still made from sponge so every effort should be taken to avoid sudden movement or unreasonable tilting. We recommend a flat surface like a footwell or boot, not a car seat. Taller or tiered cakes are best transported in a van or flat based vehicle. We tend to deliver wedding cakes as we can set them up at the venue too.  

We do not advise refrigerating cake; cool room temperature is best. If cake is cut then please keep wrapped in cling film, or in tuppaware and eat within a couple of days. Cake not cut will last up to a week if kept cool but not refrigerated (unless it contains real fruit. In which case will need to be consumed within 48 hours)


If you collect a cake from us you will be asked to sign a duplicate of the receipt. This is to say that you are happy with the condition of the cake as it leaves our shop and it meets your expectations. Please note that cakes damaged in transport are not covered by us.



Booking your appointment for a wedding consultation


We will need the following information at the time of your booking...


Name of bride and groom

How many guests you would like us to cater for/cake must serve

Location and Venue Address

The service you require


We shall then arrange a date and time for a consultation in our Aylsham Showroom. Appointments can normally be accommodated any day and at any time, however, as we are a working bakery there may be some restrictions. If your preferred date is not available we shall offer alternatives.


When you come in for your consultation let us know the 4 flavours you would like to try 1 week before-hand. We will taste them over  a cup of tea or you can take them home with you. The cost for a consulation os £25 but is refundable from a cake over £200 value.


The consultation will last approximately 1 hour, please feel free to bring any images or ideas with you at this point


I shall then be available via email whenever you need me. I typically answer emails on Monday to Wednesday and bake/make/deliver cakes Thursday, Friday & Saturday.